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Booth design for trade fairs

Designing booths for trade fairs, congresses and events is our speciality. Companies need to convey the right image to suit their business mission at every public event they participate in.

Booths at trade fairs, exhibitions and events are often a potential client’s first impression of the company. The graphic communication on these booths must be perfectly in tune with the aims of the company and reflect its corporate image. This way, the whole visual presence at the event in coherent, in line with the other areas of the company’s communication.

Here at Ricard Mata, we design booths, taking care in every last detail to create creative yet functional booths that fit the needs of the client, the company and the space available.

Design process

Any good booth starts with a good project. Good ideas make the most of the budget available to creatively present attractive, memorable design proposals.

Designing, manufacturing and assembling a booth has several different stages:

1. Briefing.

The client provides all the information needed for a good booth design project. This includes information on the company and the product, specific details of the trade fair or congress, the target audience, space available and location, dates and approximate budget.

2. Design proposal

Fitting the company’s corporate image and marketing goals. This proposal provides details regarding the distribution of the spaces, decoration and advertising elements, construction materials for the booth, furniture rental or construction, and anything else involved.

3. Presentation

We then have a meeting with the client to present the proposal and make decisions on each detail of the design. This is the time to discuss the pros and cons in order to find alternatives and modify elements when needed.

4. Project approval

Once the changes have been introduced and the booth design has been adapted to the company’s needs, we kick off the following stages of manufacturing the booth, with a strict schedule in order to meet the deadline and provide the quality required.

5. Assembly and “turnkey” delivery

Assembly of the booth at the fair includes both the elements in the project and any additional services contracted. This is what we call “turnkey” service, which allows the client to focus on inaugurating the booth the first day of the fair, leaving the rest to us.

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