Pop-up shops and Showrooms

Consumer experience

Pop-up shops and showrooms are spaces created to give the client a unique, memorable experience of the brand being promoted. This makes the design extremely important. The first impression is key, and it must make an impact.

In both cases, these retail spaces address specific marketing objectives, such as presenting new products or seasonal collections. They allow brands to invite specific targets, current or potential clients, distributors or end consumers.

Pop-up shops and company showrooms

Pop-up shops are a new way to promote products and brands.

Their main advantage is flexibility in terms of design and location. They normally aim to have a high impact and to gain publicity. They are ephemeral, temporary shops that are located in a specific retail space or premises for a certain amount of time: the length of the promotion campaign.

Showrooms tend to be in a set location. However, as they are spaces to show and demonstrate a brand’s products, their decoration changes according to the season or products being presented.

The structure, distribution and aesthetics of both pop-up shops and showrooms must clearly be impeccably designed.

Proper planning and excellent design are key to their success. In short, these spaces must draw clients in and sell themselves, show off the products, be interesting in their novelty and a pleasant place to spend time, inviting visitors to enjoy the space without hurry.

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